Coming from the founders of Quay Australia Eyeware, is yet another unapologetic brainchild of Allen and Linda Hammond along with son Zak. Gaining ‘Street Cred’ over the years, this dream team has come together to create Dream Bandits.

Now they are continuing their journey and working to make the perfect bodysuit & bodywear destination.

“While we’re a global brand, behind the scenes in our Melbourne office, we’re a diverse yet a collective tight knit team, who work non-stop to help our customers embrace their individuality, and elevate their own personal style through wearing our pieces. Empowerment is the heart of Dream Bandits.”  Founder, Linda Hammond


Individuality: At Dream Bandits, we believe you are unique, and should never change who you are. For us, individuality, is included in your DNA, your way of being, your character. You, yourself, are individual. Hence we endeavour to create our pieces so you can express your own sense of style, persona and always free to be yourself.

Inclusivity: is important to us, that we embrace everyone from all different walks of life and background and it is utmost important to us at Dream Bandits that we treat everyone as an equal.

Empowerment: Empowerment is the heart of Dream Bandits. We endeavour to always empower our Dreamers and Bandits to to be themselves and achieve their goals and make a mark in this world!


Dream Bandits is committed to manufacturing our products under safe, fair, and humane working conditions. We do not shop for the lowest price or tender out work. We only seek out new suppliers when our existing manufacturers are not able or willing to produce something in our range.

Suppliers must comply with applicable environmental laws, must maintain a written environmental policy, and must implement a system to minimize or eliminate negative impacts of its practices on the environment.

We ensure we build strong, positive rapports and long term relationships with all our manufactures, who are all a part of the Dream Bandits team.

We work towards a 6-month lead-time on our production orders. This model gives our manufacturer the opportunity to plan-ahead, stabilise their workforce and manage workflows.