During these profoundly challenging times arising from COVID-19, we have worked hard to reduce the impact on our supply partners by honouring our commitments and prioritising the safety of the workers in our supply chain. 
Due to increase demand for our online store, and delays on global shipment. We are extending all our customer returns to 60 days.

Other steps within our supply chain we have taken include the following:
  • We have committed to take completed orders and all orders in production and continue to pay in full at originally agreed prices for all our business partners & factories.
  • Orders which were not yet in production have been rephased according to market demand and supplier capacity rather than cancelled. 
The health and safety of employees remain paramount and we continue to work with our suppliers to ensure safety measures are in place across all factories including the social distancing and hygiene.
For any additional information please email us at hello@dreambandits.com