DB Sustainable

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We are proud to introduce our diffusion range  DB Sustainable by Dream Bandits Australia the Bodysuit and Bodywear destination who are building a better future for our environment.


DB Sustainable aims to produce high-quality garments using upcycled and recycled materials, reducing the waste in the current fast fashion industry and decreasing the water usage used in their creation.

We aim to save over 2 million litres of water in our first 6 months of sale compared with that of non-recycled materials.


'Growing up in Australia we have been blessed to live around beautiful landscapes with our roaring coastline and precious wildlife. The identity of all Australians is shaped by a relationship with the natural environment.

We want to give back and create a line that will ensure the outlook of our beautiful world for years to come.

This sustainable range is something we have worked tirelessly on to create. Ensuring we can do what we can to reduce our emissions, water usage, and material.

We use RPET sourced from recycled plastic water bottles for our fabric, a relatively new technique that slowly helps save the planet one bottle at a time.

The range has been named after our favorite cities around the world, those that inspire us and are forward thinkers'

Dream Bandits CEO, Linda Hammond.