We applaud everyone for the work that they are doing, those on the frontline helping, the doctors, nurses, emergency crews, and all essential workers. But also to all those who are doing the right thing and staying at home.
The social distancing period is in full swing and although it may seem daunting it is important that we take the time to remind
ourselves why social distancing isn't all that bad.
Let's keep each other positive!
We have put together some perfect tips to make the most of being inside.

No more ‘When I Have Time’ - Declutter that Wardrobe

This is the perfect time to pull out your clothes and work out the pieces and styles that you want to keep and the ones to be donated.

There are plenty of clothing items that we love the look of, but on, just don’t make the cut.

Try things on, pair different items together and create  your personal style, be unique. 




Dress Up with the Gals via Zoom

Missing the gal pals? Aren't we all. 

It's not just being with them (although 85% is) , but the glow up, the glam up and the dress up.

So why not make it a thing! Gather the girls (and guys) and catch up on a video call next weekend. Dress to the max, grab your beverage of choice and order your desired takeout, it's time to get creative!



Say farewell to the bra!

Not  having to wear a bra is the actual dream!

 If you live for the moment when you get home just so you can take off your bra then I bet you are living in social-distance heaven at the moment.  

Stay comfortable with our range of bodysuits designed to not just stand out but have your comfort first. 

Check out our range of Bodysuits below.